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Am I Turning into a Luddite!

How complicated should a kitchen faucet be? That is the question I have asked myself twice in the last two months. We had our kitchen remodeled a year ago and we allowed my daughter to decide what faucet we should buy. To no one’s surprise, she choose the Moen MotionSense which is one of those […]

Aarhus 2010 – A Recap of the J.Boye Conference

Aarhus 2010 – A Recap of the J.Boye Conference

Last week I was in Aarhus Denmark for the J Boye Conference and it was everything I expected and more. For me this conference is a perfect compliment to the conferences I attend that focus ¬†exclusively on higher education. Here are my highlights and key takeaways: Eric Karjaluoto gave the keynote on day one on […]

The Player requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

Our campus is in the process of implementing a new student system.¬† After a lengthy assessment, we selected PeopleSoft and we are now in the early stages of implementation.¬† During the assessment, I was a vocal advocate for selecting a product that was both usable and accessible. This week I was sent the online training […]

Why Do Higher Ed Websites Continue to Have Serious Usability Issues ?

In addition to the three presentations I did at the Innovative Educators conference last week, I did a session critiquing several sites volunteered by attendees. While these reviews focused on all aspects of what goes into a great site, usability was what everyone was most interested in. It amazes me that many higher ed sites […]

Tunnel Vision

I came across this great video on Seth Godin’s blog. To get the full effect, take a look at the video before reading the remainder of this post. The video lasts 1:09.     One of my favorite ideas from the book Don’t Make me Think is tunnel vision. From Chapter Two, the first Fact […]