Come join me on Thursday, February 24 for the eRecruitment Web Forum sponsored by CollegeWeek Live, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Noel-Levitz. This online event is free and runs from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm (EST). Registration for the forum is now open.

Here is the day’s schedule:

12:00 PM EST
Keynote: Executive Panel on Online Student Engagement

  • Robert Alexander, Associate Provost for Enrollment, University of the Pacific
  • James Maraviglia, Associate Vice Provost for Marketing & Enrollment Development, Cal Poly
  • Bob Patterson, Associate Dean and Director of Admission, Stanford University
  • Walter Robinson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley

1:00 PM EST
Herding Cats: Building an Enrollment Focused Web Strategy

  • Mark Greenfield, Director of Web Services, University at Buffalo

1:45 PM EST
Engaging International Students Online: Key Resources & Platforms

  • Marty Bennett, Marketing Coordinator, Education USA

2:30 PM EST
The Federally Mandated Net Cost Calculator: What You Need to Know and How It Can Be a Positive Influence in Building and Shaping Enrollment

  • Kevin Crockett, President and CEO, Noel-Levitz

3:15 PM EST
Integrating Social Media and ‘Old School’ Student Recruitment

  • Gil Rogers, Associate Director of Admissions & Enrollment Technology, University of New Haven

My talk on “Herding Cats: building an enrollment-focused web strategy” will explore many of the themes I mentioned in my post earlier this year called 2011: The Year of Web Governance (in Higher Education).  The web is more important than ever and to move forward we need change at the institutional level. It’s time the web is taken seriously on college campuses. It’s time to provide  the appropriate resources and structure.  All of this starts with developing a true web strategy that establishes high level objectives, establishes authority and accountability, and involves senior leadership and line managers to insure appropriate resources are provided.

To keep you entertained until Thursday, here is the video that inspired the title of my presentation 🙂


I hope you will join us, and I hope you invite your campus leadership as well. The hashtag for the day is #eRecruitForum.