I’ve had many people looking for more information on Pecha Kucha after using it for my presentation at HighEdWebDev 2007. A Pecha Kucha slide show consists of 20 slides for exactly 20 seconds each for a total time of 6:40. For more information see:

I recommend everyone experiment with this presentation style. The restrictions actually force you to be very creative in structuring your presentation. (Good exercise for the right brain!) More importantly, it makes you focus on the most important points. There simply isn’t time to stray off topic. And for those of you involved with writing for the web, I can think of no better exercise for writing concisely.

I’d like to see expanded use of Pecha Kucha at the next HighEdWebDev conference. Maybe a Pecha Kucha Night, or an hour set aside simultaneously in each track. Imagine the value in seeing 6-8 rapid fire presentations in an hour.