Born to Be Wired: Technology, Communication and the Millennial Generation

Oswego – February 16, 2007

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For today’s students and their families, the Internet is now the hub for all their activities which will increase the importance of university web sites. Their expectation is a 24/7 service culture – always on, always connected – anytime, anywhere.

Part economics, part sociology, and part IT, this presentation will provide historical context for the communications revolution, an overview of the millennial generation and their use of technology, and a look at the future direction of the Web and the new opportunities for communicating and providing services to our constituents.

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Web Resources

The World is Flat

The Millennial Generation

  • Generation Next (from PBS)
  • Educating the Net Generation (from Educause)
  • Teens and Technology (PDF – from Pew/Internet)
  • The Internet at School (from Pew/Internet)
  • The Digital Disconnect: The widening gap between Internet-savvy students and their schools (from Pew/Internet)
  • The Net Generation and the School
  • Teen Content Creators and Consumers (from Pew/Internet)
  • The Information Age Mindset (PDF)
  • State Legislators as Co-Pilots (From the Chronicle – subscription required)
  • Putting Parents in their Place: Outside Class (From the Washington Post)
  • The Key to Competitiveness: Understanding the Next Generation Learner (From Educause)
  • The State of Our Nation’s Youth 2003-2004 (PDF – From the Horatio Alger Association)
  • The Multitasking Generation (Cover story from Time Magazine – March 27, 2006)

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