Mark’s keynote speeches, workshops, and presentations are always well-received by his audiences.  The best way to aggregate the thousands of comments about Mark from conference evaluation forms is through the creation of a wordle  word cloud. The following word cloud was created from the comments of numerous conferences over the last three years:

In addition, here are some specific comments about Mark:

Amazing, informative, engaging. Mark had complete command of the room. I want to bring him on my campus to help us.

A home run! Mark is an excellent speaker who really knows his stuff. It doesn’t get much better than this

This was incredible! Mark Greenfield is, IMHO, the most fascinating thinker about the web and other technology issues.

Excellent. Mark is a powerhouse of knowledge on the subject!  His point of view, the range of detail of the information he shared and his ability to involve the audience, was all much appreciated.

Amazing! Mark really knows his stuff. Best session so far. Worth the price of the entire conference.

Another fantastic session! In my opinion, this was the best session of the conference. I loved hearing Mark speculate on where we, as a society, are heading with technology. I would jump at the opportunity to attend any presentation by Mark in the future.

Great ideas, very thought provoking! Mark is an engaging and compelling speaker with very original and unique takes on emerging technological trends.

Fantastic!  Shifts your perceptions and opens your eyes! This presentation was the gold standard. Excellent content, delivered with verve and confidence.

Brilliant insight. Mark Greenfield was an incredible speaker. Loved it!

Phenomenal presentation! Mark gives such awesome advice and tosses so much forward thinking ideas