The 2011 HighEdWeb Conference held this week in Austin was a great experience.  Here is my very personal “top 10” list of favorite moments:

10.  Being able to play Stevie Ray Vaughan for my pre-session music almost within sight of his memorial statue in Austin. If I had to choose only one guitar idol it would be SRV.

9. Spending time with the great crew from Link magazine. Pro tip – if you aren’t reading Link, you should be.

8. Getting carded as I entered Buffalo Billiards on Monday night.  I showed them my AARP card!

7. Catching up with old friends, many of whom are from far away lands.  We are going to have to make the conference longer just so we all have enough time to socialize with everyone.

6. Meeting online friends IRL for the first time.  Yes social media is great, but nothing replaces that human connection.

5. The overall quality of the presentations. The collective intelligence of the people attending #heweb11 was downright scary.

4. Seeing the hard work of all the people involved with organizing the conference pay off in such spectacular fashion. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort in making this conference happen.  #applause

3. Getting to see @goodwitch in person again.  Glenda’s passion for web accessibility is contagious and she did a fantastic job chairing this conference.

2. The reaction by @radiofreegeorgy to winning the coveted “best of conference” award for her fantastic talk on “Carrying the Banner: Reinventing News on Your University Web Site”.  Kudos Georgy.

1. Being able to unveil my customized Sabres jersey. Yes, #heweb13 will in Buffalo on October 6-9, 2013.  Here is the promotional video: (a huge hat tip to @cliffyballgame for creating this video. Thanks Cliff, it was a blast working with you.)

Stay #heweb my friends.