OmniUpdate Users Conference 2012

Bringing Web Governance to Higher Education

March 6, 2012; Universal City, CA

Contact Information

Mark Greenfield

Director of Web Services
Mail Drop: 109 Norton Hall
Office Location: 221 Talbert Hall
State University of New York at Buffalo
Buffalo, N.Y. 14260
Phone: (716)645-2811
Fax: (716)645-7761


The idea of governing and managing a higher education website seems counter-intuitive. When you combine the general freedom of the web with the academic freedom and decentralized organization of higher education, attempts at governing and managing the convergence may seem overwhelming. Skepticism about the viability of it is inevitable, but it can and must be done. It is time to bring formal web governance to higher education institutions. Come listen as Mark Greenfield discusses how web governance can address many of the common frustrations in the higher education marketing world and provide a framework for doing things right.



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