After 6 months of preparation, the day is finally here.  This afternoon I will be facilitating the Social Media in Higher Education Summit as part of the Penn State Web Conference. Social Media is all about dialog. It’s all about community.  It’s all about relationships. All this will be on display as my friends and colleagues at Penn State and around the world join me to discuss the challenges and opportunities of utilizing social media in higher education.

I invite you to join us this afternoon at 1:00 eastern time. The URL for the summit is  You will need to create a “Friends of Penn State Account” and then login in order to participate.  Instructions are available at the above URL.  And yes, this is free!

We are using the live question tool from Harvard to add and vote on discussion topics. Please visit before and during the summit to help shape our agenda.

I’m hoping for an active backchannel.  The hashtag for the summit is #smsummit

This should be a great opportunity to share and learn.  I will be in the “room” starting around 11:00 this morning if you want to chat ahead of time.  I look forward to seeing you.