Born to Be Wired: Technology, Communication and the Millennial Generation

Vermont Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators – June 21, 2007

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The ongoing communications revolution combined with the coming of the Millennial generation and their love of technology will have a profound impact on college campuses. For the Millennial generation, the Internet is now the hub for all their activities which will increase the importance of university Web sites. Millennial students (and their parents) are behaving as customers who actively compare programs and services to make choices on their college education. Their expectation is a 24/7 service culture – always on, always connected – anytime, anywhere.

Part economics, part sociology, and part IT, this presentation will provide historical context for the communications revolution, an overview of the characteristics and traits of the Millennial generation, and a review of the communication technologies that appeal to Millennials including IM, Blogs, RSS, Podcasting and text messaging.Recommended Books

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The World is Flat

The Millennial Generation

  • Generation Next (from PBS)
  • Educating the Net Generation (from Educause)
  • Teens and Technology (PDF – from Pew/Internet)
  • The Internet at School (from Pew/Internet)
  • The Digital Disconnect: The widening gap between Internet-savvy students and their schools (from Pew/Internet)
  • The Net Generation and the School
  • Teen Content Creators and Consumers (from Pew/Internet)
  • The Information Age Mindset (PDF)
  • State Legislators as Co-Pilots (From the Chronicle – subscription required)
  • Putting Parents in their Place: Outside Class (From the Washington Post)
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  • The State of Our Nation’s Youth 2003-2004 (PDF – From the Horatio Alger Association)
  • The Multitasking Generation (Cover story from Time Magazine – March 27, 2006)
  • Generation Next (From PBS)

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