I just read an excellent article in BusinessWeek magazine called “Upward Mobility“. Millennials are now looking to their cell phone for new ways to participate on social networks. Sitting in front of a computer is no longer a requirement. Loopt is a service that “turns your phone into a friend finder” by combining GPS with mapping software enabling you to know when your friends are nearby.

Using a cell phone in place of a credit card is now common in Korea and Japan. I always wondered why someone would want to do this. The article points out that studies have shown that people notice their cell phone is missing within an hour of losing it, while it’s usually a day or more when people lose their wallet or credit card.

The term “cell phone” may indeed become a thing of the past. Nokia has forbidden the use of the word “phone”.  They are “multimedia computers”. At Samsung you have “mobile information terminals” and “ultramobile PC’s”.

Get ready.  The mobile revolution is coming to our shores soon.