Yesterday marked a major milestone for the uwebd social network when we reached 500 members. Activity on the site continues to grow. I set up Google analytics back in late December and here are some statistics as we approach 3 months of activity:

  • 2,238 unique visitors
  • 8,300 visits
  • 43,581 page views
  • visits from 63 countries

For me, the site has been very beneficial. I have received excellent feedback on a number of questions and ideas. More importantly, I’ve met many new people involved with higher ed web development and these relationships will prove valuable down the road.

I look forward to the continued growth and evolution of this site. From my travels, I know first hand the collective intelligence of the higher ed web community. I’m excited about the possibilities of this site which has the potential to allow higher ed web professionals to connect and collaborate in new and exciting ways. I encourage everyone involved with higher ed websites to not only join, but to participate as well. Again, the site is located at