One of my personal goals for 2010 is to expand my speaking engagements beyond higher ed conferences. While I value these conferences and will continue to attend  them, there is a lot to be learned beyond the walls of the ivory tower.

In May, I will be speaking at the J. Boye Conference. I’m working on themes for my presentation and thought it might be interesting to explore why, IMHO, working in higher education is the most challenging sector for web development and share lessons learned that are applicable to everyone.

I’m looking to tap the collective intelligence of the higher ed web community. What do you think makes higher ed such a challenge?  What are the lessons learned?

FYI – the conference is scheduled for Philadelphia on May 4-6, 2010. Registration is open and there is a 40% discount for anyone in higher ed.  Be advised that the conference venue allows no more than 200 delegates, so first come, first served. Also, they are looking for additional speakers in the higher education track.  Let me know if you are interested. More Information is available at Hope to see you there.