Mark has been providing consulting services on all things web for over 15 years to a wide variety of clients, primarily in higher education. Mark has a unique combination of understanding both the business of higher education and the web and technology.  He specializes in strategic planning, web governance and management, social media strategy, user centered design, emerging technologies and web accessibility.

Mark has consulted with dozens of colleges and universities across the world. He currently works as both an independent consultant, and as an Associate Consultant for Noel-Levitz


Web Governance and Management

Higher education web development presents many unique challenges that make it difficult to fully leverage the power and potential of the web.  Multiple missions, silos, consensus decision making, multiple audiences with disparate needs, corporate expectations on a not-for-profit budget, the growing expectations of the technology adept millennial students, campus politics, and an organizational structure resembling federalism all combine to create a very demanding environment.

Mark works with campus administrators and web teams to develop a comprehensive web strategy that integrates with institutional strategy. He also provides advice and guidance on creating a web governance and management model that provides the framework for a sustainable, efficient, and cost effective web presence.

Social Media Strategy

Social media presents a new paradigm for marketing, communications, and student support.  Mark has worked with dozens of colleges and universities to build a social media strategic framework that focuses on creating a long term, sustainable approach specific to the needs of each institution. This framework includes:

  • Understanding institutional culture as it relates to social media, including an objective evaluation of the organization’s openness, transparency, and authenticity.
  • Identifying social media goals and objectives that support institutional strategy
  • Developing social media metrics including traditional web metrics and social metrics
  • Developing social media policies and guidelines
  • Developing the appropriate social media management and governance model
  • Determining appropriate resources and staffing

Usability and Accessibility

As the Web continues to mature, usability and accessibility is becoming more important than ever. Creating optimal web experiences is more challenging as rich media becomes more prevalent and the mobile web becomes ubiquitous. Mark is a strong advocate for web standards and User Centered Design (UCD). Mark is an expert in  UCD methodologies including benchmarking, surveys, focus groups, usability testing, personas, card sorting, expert reviews, and web analytics.

Mark brings the UCD philosophy to his work with campus web teams and marketing teams to build usable, sustainable, web sites that provide true value. This work can include:

  • An expert review of the existing site(s) that evaluates the design, content, user interface, usability, accessibility,
  • Guidance on balancing user needs with business needs
  • Understanding the relationship between focus groups, surveys and usability tests
  • Understanding the relationship between web analytics and usability tests