Web Accessibility


Mark has over 20 years of web accessibility experience, including teaching a graduate level web accessibility course at the University at Buffalo. His web accessibility consulting services include developing the business case for accessibility, writing accessibility policies, performing accessibility audits, and developing a comprehensive web accessibility program.

Web accessibility is a critical issues facing higher education.  The combination of the Section 508 refresh and the dramatic increase in lawsuits and demand letters require campuses to take a proactive approach to accessibility. And while the focus is often on the legal ramifications, there is also a lost opportunity to provide a quality user experience for the approximately 20% of the population with a disability.

Most higher education institutions struggle with web accessibility. The size of .edu websites, the distributed authoring environment, insufficient resources and a lack of understanding can make creation of a successful web accessibility program a challenge.

Unfortunately many campuses take the wrong approach to accessibility. The focus is on standards compliance instead of understanding the user experience for people with disabilities. There is also little attention paid to the development of a comprehensive web accessibility program that addresses the underlying reasons why inaccessible websites get created in the first place.

Web Accessibility Consulting Services

  • Business case development and education
  • Web accessibility audits and evaluation
  • Web accessibility program development
  • Web accessibility training


Please contact Mark for more information about web accessibility consulting services.