For the past few years, colleges have been adapting to a new breed of parents known as helicopter parents. These parents are always hovering, ultra-protective, and unwilling to let go. They will meddle, fuss, and even call their legislators if they feel their special child isn’t getting the best of everything.

Neil Howe and William Strauss have recently published the second edition of their book Millennials Go to College and they say that coming soon will be a new generation of parents – the stealth fighter parents- who are “even more protective, digitally keyed-in for constant surveillance, sharp eyes on the target, and ready to strike at a moment’s notice to defend their children’s interests.”

This new breed of parent is due to the ongoing generational progression.  Currently, most parents of college students are Baby Boomers. But starting in 2008, the majority of parents will be Gen X’ers.  While Boomer parents generally didn’t question the value of a college education, Gen X parents will look at college as a calculated market choice with a focus on their return on investment. “The “no child left behind” parents of the K-12 world will become the “not with my child you don’t” parents of higher education.” Howe and Strauss predict that “the world of higher education could experience institutional shifts unlike any seen in living memory”.

Are You Ready?