Over the past few days I have been in a soft launch of a new design to this website. It was long overdue.  The last time the site was redesigned was in 2009 and it had come to look very outdated. It also wasn’t optimized for mobile.  Mobile traffic on my site has reached 38%, and this is without a mobile friendly design. The new site is responsive, and the content has been updated to better reflect my work as a consultant and a speaker.

And while making the site mobile friendly is important, the biggest difference you will see moving forward is a change in approach to the relationship of my website to my social media channels. To be perfectly honest, I have been doing it wrong over the past few years. I counsel my clients that their websites need to be the foundation for their web ecosystem.  Social media plays an important role, but at the end of the day the .edu website matters the most.  I was not heeding my own advice. I had slowly fallen into the habit of using social media as the primary way of sharing my thoughts and this was at the expense of this site, especially my blog.

My hope is to write at least one blog post a week.  There is certainly plenty to write about. There is a lot going in higher education, and with the web and digital.  Many of the changes I have been talking about for the past several years are taking root.  The mobile web is here.  Higher education disruption is upon us. And the inevitable transition from a physical campus to a digital campus is just around the corner.

Finally, let me know if you see any issues with this site.  There still may be a few minor problems I may have overlooked.