I am pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Governance Journal. The DGJ will be an evolving forum for the discussion of digital strategy and governance issues focusing on specific senior management concerns affecting all industries. I will be making contributions that focus primarily on the issues facing higher education.

The editors of the Digital Governance Journal are Lisa Welchman and David Beaudouin. Members of the Advisory Panel include myself, along with:

The following summary is from Lisa’s introductory article:

We’ve launched the Digital Governance Journal to more openly discuss how organizations can help their digital governance and management practices mature and succeed. Our intent is to provide a growing forum to discuss possible answers to those fundamental questions mentioned, while raising new concerns and issues related to roles, responsibilities, and decision-making authority for effective digital governance. We hope to present a good mix of articles and case studies that will enable those in charge of digital to make informed, strategic decisions within their organizations and enable those who design digital interfaces, content and technology to do so in an environment where energy can be directed towards innovation and quality, not wasted in ineffective Sisyphean development practices that simply put, are no fun.

We originally were going to call the journal “Web Governance” but we felt that term was antiquated. The growth of social and mobile require a holistic approach and we hope that “Digital Governance” will be added to our lexicon in a meaningful way. It’s time to amend my appeal to make 2011 “The Year of Web Governance in Higher Education” to making 2011 “The Year of Digital Governance in Higher Education”.

I have several articles on digital governance and higher education in the queue that I look forward to sharing with you. The articles I write on  governance will be posted primarily on the DGJ. In order to keep readers of this site informed as new articles are published, I have added a section on the home page lining to my  latest DGJ articles.

The Digital Governance Journal  is going to be a great resource. Please help spread the word to your colleagues, especially to campus leadership and decision makers. I look forward to your conversation and contributions on this important topic.