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What Are the Biggest Challenges Facing Higher Ed Web Professionals?

The inaugural HighEdWed Leadership Academy starts next Sunday in Milwaukee in conjunction with the 2012 HighEdWeb Annual Conference.  One the main goals of the Leadership Academy is to demonstrate how developing leadership skills can help web professionals deal with the many challenges inherent in the position. As I’ve talked with my colleagues across the globe […]

Talking Web Governance on Friday After Class

This afternoon at 1pm CST/ 2pm EST I will be on Friday After Class (#FAC). This is a “live chat series with higher education industry experts who will engage audience members in a discussion of tips, resources, and strategies related to smart marketing in higher education.” I will be talking about my favorite topic, web […]

Introducing the Digital Governance Journal

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Governance Journal. The DGJ will be an evolving forum for the discussion of digital strategy and governance issues focusing on specific senior management concerns affecting all industries. I will be making contributions that focus primarily on the issues facing higher education. The editors of the […]

Webinar – Establishing a Web Council

I have been on the road this spring spreading the gospel of web governance, including a recent appearance on higheredlive. While web governance may not be the most exciting  topic I speak on, it is the most important. My main message to higher ed web professionals is that web governance is your friend.  It will […]

True or False: Most College Web Sites Are Bad

I was digging through some old files last night and came across the slide deck of a workshop I taught in 1998 on creating quality web sites.  The third slide in the deck included the headline from an article that stated “Most Web Sites Are Bad, Really Bad”.   It was an accurate description for most […]

Implementing Web Standards in Higher Ed

Last week I attended a very informative webinar by Lisa Welchman on web standards called “The Impossible Dream: Defining and Implementing Corporate Web Standards.”  Web standards are a major component of a holistic web governance and management model.  Instituting web standards in any organization can be a challenge, but it is even more difficult in […]