Web Governance in Higher EducationI have been on the road this spring spreading the gospel of web governance, including a recent appearance on higheredlive. While web governance may not be the most exciting  topic I speak on, it is the most important.

My main message to higher ed web professionals is that web governance is your friend.  It will address many of the common frustrations in our profession and provide a framework for doing things right: having the right people make the right decisions, getting the right amount of resources, and working on the right projects for the right reasons.

To continue this important conversation, I want to let everyone know about an upcoming webinar with  Lisa Welchman. For those of you who don’t know Lisa, I consider her the preeminent expert on web governance with  unmatched experience and expertise in web governance and management in large organizations. She will be giving a webinar on “Establishing a Web Council” on June 9, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT. In Lisa’s experience, an organizational Web Council or Web Board is established in order to help cut across organizational silos and support a more strategic and comprehensive approach to Web development. Sound like something we need in higher education?

While this webinar isn’t focused on higher ed, there is plenty to learn from how other large organizations deal with web issues. I have attended many of Lisa’s webinars in the past and have always found them beneficial.  I’ll be attending and hope you can join me.  I’ll be on Twitter during the webinar and look forward to a lively discussion on the backchannel on web councils and how they function in higher ed.