Over the course of my blogging career I have made it a point to steer clear of politics. I have no desire to participate in any political discourse until civility returns. However, I will make an exception in support of #sopa.  Much has been written about the numerous flaws in this legislation. (see  If you hate Big Government, fight SOPA by @dsearls for a good overview.) So tomorrow I will be making a rare political statement and this site will be going dark.

For all my friends in higher education, have you thought through the implications of SOPA?  I can easily see a scenario where a college website gets taken down under SOPA. Academic freedom is a basic tenet that allows our educational system to prosper and SOPA is a direct threat to this freedom.

I would like to congratulate the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University for going dark tomorrow.  I’m hoping others will follow suit.