Yesterday I sent out the following tweet after seeing yet another QR code done wrong:

<rant> If I see one more QR code that goes to a site built in Flash I’m going to lose it. </rant>

QR codes are not rocket science. In fact, they are quite simple. They exist to make it easier for people using a mobile device to enter a URL. That’s it. No need to over think this. It is about the user experience.  If  taking your phone out, opening a QR reader app, taking a picture, then waiting for a web page to open takes longer than just typing in the URL, the QR code is not providing value.  And if the QR code goes to a site that is not optimized for a mobile device, you are doing it all wrong.

The following video from Scott Stratten (@unmarketing) is the best rant I’ve seen about QR codes gone wrong. Please share this with anyone who doesn’t understand the simple truth about QR codes.