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Higher Education Gets Flattened at #UBtech

Next week I will be giving one of the featured talks at the UB Tech Conference in Orlando called “Higher Education Gets Flattened” and the timing couldn’t be better. I have been talking about this topic for the past 6 years but two interesting developments in recent weeks illustrate some of the fundamental changes coming […]

The Flattening of SUNY

Two important news items came across my desk yesterday that has me thinking again about the flattening of higher education, something I started writing about back in 2007.  My use of the word “flattened” comes from Tom Friedman’s book The World is Flat and is defined as “When the impact of the Internet and globalization […]

jboye and the end of the web

I’m looking forward to attending my 3rd jboye conference on May 3-5 in Philadelphia where I will be giving the opening keynote in the higher education track with my talk called It’s the End of the Web as We Know It (And I Feel Fine!). As I explain in the video clip below, the main […]

Our Education System Was Built for a World that No Longer Exists

I was on Twitter earlier this week when the following tweet from Nick DeNardis (via Karine Joly) got my attention: I spent the next 15 minutes watching a very compelling TEDxNYEd Talk by Will Richardson. I have watched dozens of TED Talks and while they are all great, this one is now my personal favorite. […]

The Axe Man Cometh Preview #higheredlive

On Sunday, November 14 at 7:00 PM (eastern) I will be appearing on Higher Ed Live with Seth Odell.  The title of this episode is “When the Axe Man Cometh” and is based on a series of blog posts and speeches I have given over the last four years on “Higher Ed Web Development Gets […]

The Fate of Communications Services in Universities

The Fate of Communications Services in Universities

I rarely allow guest posts on this blog but today I am making an exception. Pat Lynch is someone who I have followed for many years and someone I deeply respect.  His book “Web Style Guide”, co-authored with Sarah Horton, was one of the first web books I ever purchased and I still refer to […]