In two weeks I’ll be making the trek back to my old stomping grounds in Denver for the 2016 eduWeb Digital Summit which is running from August 1-4.

I will be teaching a morning workshop on August 1st on “Guerilla UCD: A Practical Approach to User Centered Design”.  Most college websites still suffer from a number of usability issues which has a huge impact on the quality and performance of the site.  During this hands-on workshop I will provide practical advice on how to quickly and easily integrate UCD (user centered design) and usability  into every facet of the web with the goal of embedding UCD into the organizational culture. Topics will include:

  • A review of UCD methodologies including heuristic evaluation, surveys, focus groups, usability testing, personas, card sorting, task flow analysis, and web analytics
  • How to sell the importance of usability to senior leadership
  • Balancing user needs with business needs
  • The relationship between web analytics and usability tests
  • The relationship of UCD to web accessibility
  • Hands-on demonstrations of UCD techniques including usability testing, card sorting, and heuristic evaluation.

In addition to the workshop, I will be making a presentation on “Web Redesign Done Right, The First Time.”  It seems everyone is either currently redesigning their site or planning a redesign in the near future. While much has been written about the web redesign process, key steps are often omitted resulting in a site that does not meet business objectives and causes a continual cycle of redesign. In this presentation, I will provide a holistic view of the web redesign process with a focus on steps that will result in a successful site and long term sustainability.

I’m looking forward to a great conference.  If you are going to be in Denver please stop by and say hello.