Next week I’ll be making a return visit to  the OmniUpdate Users Conference to deliver the opening keynote address. Here is the title and abstract:

Perpetual Change: What’s Next for the Web?

“Technology marches on. As Moore’s law collides with Metcalfe’s law, the web we see today and the devices we use to access it will become unrecognizable. Will the promise of the social web, the mobile web, the semantic web, and the real-time web be fully realized? Will the singularity become reality? What are the implications of ubiquitous computing? It may be time to rethink a few things. Join Mark Greenfield as he looks into the crystal ball at the long-term future of the web and the implications for higher education.”


My goal will be to take a look way out on the horizon to see what higher education web development might look like.  I’m not talking the 50,000 foot view here, I’m talking the 500,000 foot view. So while I have a few ideas of my own, I’m interested in your thoughts.  What does our future hold? What will the web look like? What kinds of things will higher ed web professional be working on?

And for my music friends, help me build my “Change” playlist which I’ll be using for background music before the start of my talk. (The title of the speech comes from a track from “The Yes Album”.)