The inaugural HighEdWed Leadership Academy starts next Sunday in Milwaukee in conjunction with the 2012 HighEdWeb Annual Conference.  One the main goals of the Leadership Academy is to demonstrate how developing leadership skills can help web professionals deal with the many challenges inherent in the position.

As I’ve talked with my colleagues across the globe about these challenge the following themes emerge:

  • Articulating the need for sufficient resources
  • Dealing with university politics
  • Enabling collaboration between IT and Marketing
  • Prioritizing projects when you can’t do them all (learning to say no)
  • Getting optimal performance out of staff who are not direct reports
  • Dealing with faculty who think they know everything
  • Retaining talent
  • Creating a unified web presence in a decentralized, silo-ed university setting
  • Dealing with HIPPOS (Highest Paid Persons Opinion)
  • Enforcing web policies and web standards.

So let’s open up this discussion. What’s missing from this list? What do you see as the main challenges for higher ed web professionals?