Next week I will be traveling to Ft. Worth to speak at the Case IV Conference.  In addition to giving a talk on web governance,  I will be opening the web track with a new presentation called Why the Web Matters (more than you  think).

This is a topic I have been thinking about quite a bit lately.  Even though we now are over 20 years in, many higher ed institutions still don’t quite get the importance of the web.  College websites have become ubiquitous, and while there has been marginal improvement over the last decade, most .edu websites are still mediocre at best. Unfortunately, too many campuses take their websites for granted. There is great risk in not providing the proper time, attention, resources, and management.  As the web continues to grow in importance, this will become an even bigger issue. As more services and instruction move online, the web will become the digital manifestation of your institution.

During the course of my consulting work, I speak with many senior administrators who really don’t know why the web matters.  These are all very smart, very talented, well-meaning people.  So here’s the scene.  You have the opportunity to sit down with the president of your campus to talk about the web. What would you say to convince them that the web matters? What reasoning would you use to demonstrate the web is now mission critical in higher education and requires the appropriate resources?