The importance of web leadership can not be understated.  The success of an organization’s web efforts are directly related to the leadership skills of the web team.  In addition to traditional leadership traits, web leaders have the ability to integrate the web and digital into the fabric of the organization and align web goals and objectives with institutional goals and objects. Good leadership skills result in getting appropriate resources and having campus leadership that fully understands and supports web efforts.

I am excited about our 4th annual HighEdWeb Leadership Academy that will be held on October 3-4 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which will run in conjunction with the 2015 HighEdWeb Annual Conference. The goal of this Academy is to develop Web leaders within higher education with an intensive program that offers interactive learning experiences in a small group setting. What differentiates this leadership academy from other organizations with leadership programs is a specific focus on the job of a Web director/manager that touches all facets of the job.  This academy will offer a holistic view of what goes into being a college Web leader. Participants in the academy will learn:

  • What is leadership, the importance of leadership for web professionals and how to develop leadership skills
  • How to communicate effectively with campus administrators and stakeholders
  • How to articulate the value of the web to obtain the appropriate staff and resources
  • An understanding of higher education organization and administration, and the implications for the web
  • How to manage people, including the ideal composition of a web team and hiring practices
  • How to implement a Web governance structure including a Web governance framework, a comprehensive Web strategy, development of policies and standards, and development of an effective evaluation process

Registration for the leadership academy is now open.  For more information about the Leadership Academy including a link to register, please visit  Be advised that space is limited.  My advice is don’t wait if you are interested in this program. If you have any questions e-mail them to or contact me directly.